Red White Dog Day Afternoon

10 thoughts on “Red White Dog Day Afternoon”

    1. thanks Keren, these shots are from Camarines Sur, in the Philippines. and the camera..a not so high-end Canon. thanks for dropping by!

  1. WOW! Congratulations!! You’r really a PRO! Very inspiring as always, you never cease to amaze us. Keep on keeping pinoy creativity known globally. Images reminded me of my childhood . You’v captured the best moments of life at the beach.
    Thank you for sharing you easter escapades and showing around the world the natural beauty of life at the beach on one relatively small island. Beautiful shots & wanna go to CAM SUR!! hehe! Keep that eye from shooting more and the passion burning.

  2. The quality of these images, especially the quality of your way of looking simple moment captured by the camera, shows that it does not matter the type of machine you use.
    Wonderful array of photographic moments!

  3. I especially like the bottom two images-the one of the small beach bum is especially enchanting and the one above really captures the mesmerizing effect that the water has on many of us-very, very nice!

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