WONDER ISLAND: Paradise Amid The Filthy Laguna De Bay

Another company seminar, another summer spin!

What I love about these seminar/workshops is they always take you on a special trip to a special venue which is usually out of town and – all expenses paid. Trouble is, I find it hard to mix business with pleasure. So I always stayed more on the pool than in the function hall. Like in the just concluded Wonder Island Resort powwow, I spent more time roaming the place than listening to the blahs of the resource speaker. Pardon me, but I was just seizing the day. I always do.

just outside the metro

The island resort (owned and managed by the Pua clan of Calamba) is just a two-hour drive from Manila inclusive of the crawling traffic of  Calamba city’s narrow and tricycle-packed arteries. Add to that the brief but breathtaking 5-minute mini-boat ride from the pantalan to the haven. Never mind the murky waters, and at least they have demolished the silly fish pens away.

one of Wonder Island’s queer-looking watercraft

A refreshing tea for a welcome drink and the alluring sight of sparkling pools empty of bathers.

unusual summer serenity

stitched photo1

stitched photo top view

Calamba from the umbrella shades

An uphill walk (or a golf cart ride)  from the pool area leads to other amenities such as the Chapel,  Convention Hall and the hotel rooms wherein one can have a spectacular view of the Talim Island from the veranda.  In fact, the resort has a 360-degree view of the whole of Laguna and Rizal province. Across the chapel is the Function hall for seminar/conferences, and just above it is the Game room complete with  billiard tables, dartboards and table tennis. A stroll further down along the bougainvilla-adorned pathway ends in a camping ground and a couple of  idle helipads. Needless to mention is the crisp gusty winds on the hill that’s all day long.

northern tip

up or down

Jalajala from afar

wood carved Station of the Cross

cloudy over Mount Makiling


  1. chen

    Nature, leisure, adventure and business at WONDERful Island with numerous breathtaking natural beauties that attract people. Nice place for swimming and sun bathing..hehe! Beautiful view are perfect holiday island resort to chill , relax and provide soothing to your tired body. Cheers till down. Lolz..hehe! wink wink!!

  2. car

    What a sight ha…… More so siguro at night….. Can’t bear too much sunlight…..Just go see the place again with someone special……for great pleasure……

  3. Marie Elaine H. Santos

    I would like to know how much is your overnite stay for a family of 5?for a regular room or deluxe room?

    Thank you,

    Elaine Santos

    • elmer

      hi marie elaine, for your inquiries please get in touch with ms. richel of wonder island at these numbers: 09236743218 or 5451766. tnx!

  4. K

    good evening..can you send me the exact location of the resort?i would appreciate if you can give a sketch or map…thank you very much!

    • elmer

      Pls try to get in touch with them here:

      Booking Office : 211 Rizal Street Calamba City, Laguna
      Manila Line : (02) 520-8556
      Mobile No : +63 923-674-3218
      Email Address : info@wonderislandresort.com
      Telephone No : (049) 545-1766 / (049) 545-6491 / (049) 545-6492
      Telefax : (049) 545-6491 / (02) 520-8556

  5. alyn

    hi! malapit lang kami dito. tagal ko na naririnig to. ganda pala talaga. enjoy ba? naghahanap kasi ako place for my hubby;s bday. ok ba dito? thnaks for the info.

    • elmer

      hi jonalyn! i think wonder island would be a cool place for your birthday. ferry ride plus lots of swimming pool plus refreshing panoramic views plus good food and the wind. o, picture picture na!

  6. Red

    Hi! How much is the rate if overnight stay for a family of 10 persons? We are planning a family outing near Manila and I think this is the best place.

    • elmer

      Hi Red, for your inquiries please get in touch with Ms. Richel of Wonder Island at these numbers: 09236743218 or 5451766. Yes this is an ideal place if you’re looking for a resort that’s near the metro.

  7. Marianne Tangcalagan

    Hi po,we’re planning to go there on Sunday…how much is per head? and is the food included?

    • elmer

      You will have to leave your vehicle at the pantalan. I believe the dock is also a property of the resort so they have security personnel there.

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