10 thoughts on “My Other Entry to the ThanksgivingContest09”

    1. thanks! its a combination of Photoshop + Ulead VideoStudio + determination, ‘coz its pretty strenuous! and it’s nothing short of like creating one of those…remember the diorama?

      1. cant really express how i felt after watching your video, it was awesome, fantastic, touches one’s heart…….that was really great….PS. pang matinee idol yung guy sa video….pakilala mo na kami.hehe

  1. hi elmer, that was great, awesome, fantastic and most of all it will surely capture one’s heart just like it did to me after watching your video, there are hidden messages that inspirings one’s soul… keep it up…PS whose that CUTE GUY on the video pakillala mo naman kami…hehehe

  2. Kuya Elmer, ginagawa nyo na ang mga bagay na balak ko pa lang gawin, at napuntahan mo na ang mga lugar na balak kong kung puntahan. 🙂

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