Pansit Bato

2 thoughts on “Pansit Bato”

  1. I tasted this dish five years ago when i got kidnapped by my cousin’s college friend Victor, somewhere in Fairview. He was a bonafide Bicolano and was recruiting me and my cousin in some Multi-level marketing scheme. It was one in the morning when he decided to cook Pansit Bato for us. While preparing it, they started telling me stories about how weed was traded for pansit bato back in their college days in U.P. Los Baños. When I got a taste of the delectable dish, it was astounding! Anyway, I forgot about it for awhile until last December 23, 2008 i saw it being sold in a market in naga, when I, together with six of my friends went biking to Bicol. Well what do you know, I went back northbound without buying the famous noodles! It simply slipped my mind! Good thing my beloved girlfriend hails from Bicol too and she made a sidetrip to Bato to get the real thing. It has been a week since I’ve been looking for ways on how to cook the noodles since I’ve lost contact with Victor and I ended up on this Blog. I just cooked it the way as you said here, and just added up some pechay baguio and some chicken breast! Ang sarap, malinamnam! Anyway thanks alot for this!

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