A Breather in Camarines Sur

7 thoughts on “A Breather in Camarines Sur”

  1. Sir, I see that you went to St. John Marie Vianney, can you give me the directions there if you dont mind and can you suggest a hotel where i can stay for a few day. I urgently need your help.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Robert, there are two routes to the place, I suggest you take this: if you’re coming from the north, turn left at ANAYAN, that’s in Pili Camarines Sur. Go straight and for about 25 minutes you’ll reach HANAWAN (this is a typical country crossroads). Turn right and drive along and you’ll never miss the place. Just keep in mind: ANAYAN and HANAWAN. Im really not particular about the hotels down there but I think you might find some at the nearest town, Pili or Tigaon. Now if you’re not driving, there are buses in ANAYAN and tricycles in HANAWAN. When in doubt, feel free to ask the locals, they’re a lot nicer. Happy trip!

  2. Hi Sir Elmer,

    Thank you for your reply, I was nearly losing hope regarding this. I want to know if St. John Marie Vianney is near Pili? Naga ? Iriga ? Or Legaspi? If ever,i will travel by plane and book a hotel in either of those city. And rent a car. Which one is the nearest ?!? Thanks so much!!

    1. No prob Rob, St. John Maria Vianney is located in a peaceful little town of San Ramon which is part of Iriga. Ironically, I suggest you make PILI your jump-off point because (1)I believe its the nearest, and (2)road convenience. Because the only way to San Ramon from Iriga City is through the rough and rocky roads of Mount Asog. So, coming from Manila, fly to Pili (I wonder why they call it Naga airport when its right in Pili) and from there ask for car or van rentals or some place to stay. From  Pili to San Ramon would take less than an hour I think. Legaspi City is a long way off. Forget it, unless you want to view the majestic Mayon!

  3. Thanks Sir Elmer for the pictures I am promoting to visualize the beauty of Iriga. I am sharing this to the staff of Assisi Development Foundation because they are providing for the Manna Pack Rice through the Hapag Asa Integrated Supplemental Feeding Program. The recipients are the children located at the Agta Tabangnon Community and some from the Gawad Kalinga, Perpetual Help, Iriga City – evelyn ibias ,UNEP CES

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