Pakil, Laguna and The Beatles Place

7 thoughts on “Pakil, Laguna and The Beatles Place”

  1. The presentation of Pakil was excellent and beautiful
    Pingas and the Swimming Pool are favorite places.Just by looking up the place and the pool could give one inner joy.

  2. I grew up in Pakil, Laguna. I attended secondary school at Eastern Laguna College in Paete, Laguna. I’m now working in Paranaque. I hope I can go to Pakil again someday.

    1. Hi Janice, you can take a jeepney/bus ride to Siniloan Laguna from Shaw Boulevard. I think the waiting station is right in front of MetroMall. From Siniloan take another ride to Pakil.

    1. Just drive thru towns surrounding Laguna Lake. So, from Calamba to Los Baños then to Victoria →Sta. Cruz→Pagsanjan→Kalayaan→Paete and finally Pakil.

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