Glimpse of Caleruega Retreat Center and Tagaytay

Dont come to Tagaytay on a well planned, overanticipated tour. Not worth it. With all the mushroomed, overpriced joints and restos, you’ll be like strolling along Eastwood or Greenbelt. The parks have become a disappointment as well. Instead, drop whatever you’re doing, step out of your airconditioned room and take a 2 hour drive to Caleruega on impulse. No plans, no skeds etc. Just get lost.

Forget about lunch for now. Feel the serenity. Smell the breeze. Take some shots. Now head back to the office. Feels much better.

The chapel and the chapel choirs.


This is a retreat complex, keep your voice low.


The healing sound of fountaindrops.


A well carved piece of the Crucifixion.



A zoomed view of Mount Batulao from Caleruega.  To the budding mountainhikers, try a daytrek here.  You’ll come across a widespan of vegetations, cogons and loose soils and you may even make it to the peak even before lunchtime. I wonder  if this is still dubbed as “Death Mountain” and  if the statue of the Virgin Mary  still stood  at the peak. T’was a long time ago…


Picnic Grove on an ordinary day. Deserted. You get to pay 1,500php for a moments stay on those huts. Pay for the entrance fee, pay for the parking fee, pay for the men’s room, pay, pay, pay.


The symbol of a landmark unrehabilitated. This is how we promote tourism in this country. Should’ve read: People’s Park Gone to the Moon.

rotten people’s park

For the underpriveleged, only a  panoramic view of the Midlands and the Highlands. There will come a  day when you’ll be sitting here like you were in Mines View in Baguio City.


  1. jhel dela plaza

    we would like to find out your rates for 25pax for our retreat tentative first week of april 2010.

    pls. get back to us asap.
    thank you in advance.


    • elmer

      im sorry jhel but we’re just another bunch of visitors in the place, but try these numbers: Smart 0921-270-9890, 0921-830-4226
      Telephone: (043) 706-0348. ask for ms. jackie..hope this will help. thnks for dropping!

  2. Norma Bautista

    Please email me where can I caontact you to inqure for a group of 12 persons for a recollection.

    • elmer

      hi ms. norma! pls contact caleruega retreat center directly, try these nos.: Smart 0921-270-9890, 0921-830-4226
      Telephone: (043) 706-0348. ask for ms. jackie

  3. Sheila M. Broncano

    I just have one query, I’m planning to attend a retreat on April 9-10, 2011 at Caleruega Retreat House, where can I inquire about the rates, I’m alone, is that possible? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!!!!

    • elmer

      HI Sheila. Absolutely possible for you to have a SOLO retreat. Accomodation is @1,075 PHP/day. However, your sked of April 9-10 is no longer available. You may plan your retreat on the 11th onwards. Reminder: It would be a hassle going up there without a service vehicle. Thanks for writing!

      BTW, you may want to check out their site

    • elmer

      Hi Ms. Tetet! Pls contact Caleruega Retreat Center directly, try these nos. 0921-270-9890, 0921-830-4226
      Telephone: (043) 706-0348. ask for Ms. Jackie
      Thank you for asking!

  4. alma chua

    we would like to find out your rates for 50pax for our retreat tentative first week of march 2012
    pls. get back to us asap.
    please send me quotation of how much will cause us. for 3days 2 nyt.
    thanks you in advance.

  5. alma

    we would like to inquire about how much will cost ask for a 50 pax for 3days 2 nyt btentatively on march 2012…..can you please send me quotation on my inquiring. thanks in advance.

  6. Irish Uanan

    i just want to inquire, im planning to attend a retreat on aug.18-21, 2011 at caleruega retreat house.. where can i inquire about the rates? im alone..hope to hear from you soon…thanks…

    • elmer

      Hello. Pls contact Caleruega Retreat Center directly, try these nos. 0921-270-9890, 0921-830-4226
      Telephone: (043) 706-0348.

  7. maria castro

    hello there. Im planning to have a solo retreat also just like the other persons who asking if that is possible. Yes, its better to be alone sometimes. But we all have no own cars to go there for the retreat. I hope you can help us out to find a transportation for us who dont have a vehicle of our own. I plan to have my retreat on April 11 to 14. Is this still available dates? thank you very much r

    • elmer

      hi Maria, thanks for dropping by! Pls inquire at the contact numbers above for the availability of your planned dates. If you have problems regarding transpo, try contacting some van rentals. You may search the net for this. Try googling “van rental manila”

  8. myrna

    Hi there, I and my husband are planning to have a couple retreat, would it be possible, and how much will it cost? Feb. 24, 2012 is our target date. Pls. response, thanks!

  9. Bienvenido Gomez

    hi, my name is Rev, Ben Gomez…we are a group of about 15 pastors, can we be accommodated on the first monday of October for our quarterly retreat ? Also how much would an overnight cost us.?…Thank you and God bless….by the way Would your rate include meals,

  10. Joy Cruz

    How much for a couple’s retreat? Are meals included in the accommodation/room rate? Is there aircon and toilet and bathroom in the couple’s room?

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