Harbor Square along CCP Complex

Valentine’s day 2008. I opened the office window and gazed below me right across Roxas Boulevard, Harbor Square. Seemed like the Philippine’s Fisherman’s Warf of San Francisco. So I hauled in some friends, grabbed the Canon Powershot A550 and we went down the place for a pictorial and a lunch. Malate. Just too many interesting scenes and subjects for a trying hard lensman it deserved a blog. So here.

harbor square

manila yacht club

One gloomy afternoon at the bay. Below, two patrol boats sits idly by.

manila bay

The M/V Spirit of Manila..


..and the Sun Cruise. Your lines to Corregidor island. For local or foreign tourists planning on a trip to the island, here’s the rate: Prestige Tours offers 1,400 php per head for a group of no less than 40 persons, while Sun Cruise offers 1,800php for a whole day trip to the island plus meals.  That’s more than my one month’s room rent!

corregidor cruise

Pearl Harbor?

coconut trees

The rebels

girls and boy

Chopsticks  at Singkit Restaurant after a tiring walk.

lunch at Singkit

Back to the office..


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