A few days before Yolanda, there was this young man who went atop Kassel Condominium, into a ledge, and threw himself to his death. The poor fellow was, reportedly, in a row with his parents over college degree and other trivial matters. If he had only lived to see what befell the people of Leyte and Samar etc. and how they are struggling down there in PRESERVATION of life.

I was in Iriga city when Yolanda made landfall. 300 miles away from the eye of the storm. Somewhere in between hell and home-free. I have never seen such awesome power of nature. In fact there’s just so many things I have been seeing only these past few days: I have never seen such in-your-face devastation this magnitude; I have never seen so many decent people transformed into scavengers overnight; I have never seen a great deal of men in tears; I have never witnessed such unacceptable bureaucratic disaster-response system; I have never seen so many races standing by the Filipinos.

I am new to this. More frighteningly, there’ll be more of new things to come.

Iriga city Central School, Typhoon Haiyan, Typhoon Yolanda, uprooted tree Iriga city

Tomorrow, after the long wait, I shall be with a group at the Air21 hangar assisting in the repacking of relief goods for the typhoon victims. I look at this not only as lending a hand to the survivors — this is giving something back to them. They’re quietly teaching us a very important lesson.

Tindog Tacloban! We’re watching and we’re learning.


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