Seven years ago I set foot here in Bacolod City. The city of smiles. I roamed the place, but I never saw the streets. It’s a thrill when the city remains the same and — the photographer does not.

Footwear vendor in Bacolod City

Photowalk BACOLOD CITY by Elmer Nev Valenzuela


Woman inside booth

Fast commuter jeepney Bacolod City

Man enjoying a meal in L'Fisher Hotel

Two ladies on the street Bacolod City

Mask for sale


Piaya baker Bacolod City

Mask for sale Bacolod City

Old lady and nipa hut Bacolod City

The Lagoon, Bacolod City

Cheerful smiles Bacolod City

Rosary vendor, San Sebastian Church Bacolod City

Surplus vendor Bacolod City

Commuters on a jeep Bacolod City

Elmer Nev Valenzuela


  1. allentimphotos2

    Great series of photos. I really like the one of the school girls and the two jeepney photos. These look more like small busses rather than the modified jeeps. Keep the images coming, they bring back some fond memories.

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